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Video of Chicken Lounging in a Cozy Pool Float Is As Good As It Gets

As the summer months settle in, we all start looking for ways to beat the heat. This sweet little chicken named Emma doesn't have to look far, though, because her humans set her up with the ultimate pool party. She even has her own, custom-built pool float!

If you’re not jealous yet, you will be. This looks like the best (and cutest) way to beat the heat no matter what species you are. Emma looks so relaxed as she floats around the water – and just wait until you see her little feet poking through the float! OMG.

TikTok asked, and @chickens.org_ delivered !Clearly, this isn’t the first time the internet has fallen for Emma, and it won’t be the last–just look at the comments! "This is exactly the TikTok I didn’t know I needed to see. Thank you. 🐓" said @wshi91. Our sentiments exactly! It's good to know we aren't the only one's getting ideas, too...

Animal lover @donne1115 wrote,”pool, floaties, and chicken just added to my shopping list”, while @kerrisullivent admits, “this is the stuff my husband doesn’t want me to see lol”. Well– we officially declare this the summer of chicken pool parties! The original poster even followed up with a DIY video for making chicken pool floaties, so every bird can have fun this summer! As long as they don’t mind the water of course, and always remember to supervise them.

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Whether this is a project you want to try or one you simply appreciate, there's no doubt this chicken is thriving. "Why is she living a better life than me?!😭" asked @bekahmor on the original video. While we may not have all the answers, this we do know: take some advice from Emma and get yourself into the pool this summer!

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