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Video of Chicken Flying Over Vancouver Has People Scratching Their Heads

How's that old saying go? "Well, there's something you don't see every day..."? A video was shared on TikTok by @serpentinefarms a few days ago that has people saying just that. It shows what appears to be a chicken, yes, a chicken, flying over the city of Vancouver, and the text on the clip reads, "Can anyone explain this?"

At first, you might do a double take and zoom in on your screen to try and determine if the footage is even real. That's what happened to us. From the looks of it, it really does look like an actual chicken taking flight, which begs one question. What the heck is going on, here?

Seriously, what did we just watch? While chickens are able to fly short distances, it's definitely not typical to see them soaring over a city like this. TikTok users are equally as puzzled by the video. One commenter joked, "It's the queen chicken scouting a new location for the hive." And @mikeoberg also added a dose of comedy, saying, "It's too dangerous for him to cross the road 😅." Another user, @S, chimed in with, "Gas prices are too high." HA!

Still, there are others who are trying to figure out exactly what's taking place. @Mr. Shaw suggested, "It's not a real chicken, it's a drone." Huh. Possibly? That's one fancy drone if that's the case. @Mercado Angel805 offered another explanation: "Yeah, they can fly short distances, but that chicken was probably on a rooftop and it's gliding with the wind. Some farmers clip their wings." Other people are questioning whether this video is even real or if it's somehow a fancy photography trick.

Whatever the case, you have to admit that the clip definitely piqued everyone's curiosity. We might never know the truth behind Vancouver's flying chicken, but if nothing else, this at least gave us a nice distraction from the day.