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Chicken Tries to Guard ‘Eggs’ That Human Dad Threw Away in Hilarious Video

People don't talk about this enough, but chickens are actually great pets. They're energetic, social, vey smart, and yep, sometimes they do things are really funny. It's a fact that one person on TikTok knows all too well, as proven in a video of their chicken being an overprotective mama over her "eggs." 

The video starts off with the TikTok creator @thegoatmom002's husband finding their chicken hiding in a bin. "I told you. Those aren't gonna hatch," he can be heard saying from off-screen. "Those aren't going to hatch," he repeats, before carefully lifting the chicken up and out of the bin. "Come on," he adds. He then gently placed the bird down on a countertop and then turned to show the "eggs" that she was sitting on.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, those are lightbulbs. Yep. Regular old lightbulbs! Unfortunately for the chicken that probably means her dad was right. No hatching today. 

People in the comments could easily see the humor in the situation. "She was trying to hatch an idea or two lol," @mama_grizzx3 joked. "Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?" @jessr.enee teased. "Omg!! I thought she was sitting on old or broken eggs…I wasn’t expecting light bulbs," @jesseyr4 added. 

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While another commenter put it this way: "Omg. That’s so adorable. I’m gonna hatch the smartest, brightest kids ever," @danagayvelasquez wrote, as if channeling the chicken's innermost thoughts. 

It looks like @thegoatmom002 and her husband have a good sense of humor about the situation. Later in the thread she joked, "We’ll keep everyone updated on if those eggs we stuck underneath her hatch."

If we had to guess, we think we'll be waiting a long time. 

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