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Chicken's Heartfelt Reaction to Receiving Love From Mom Absolutely Melts Our Hearts

When you think of affectionate animals you might not always think of chickens. But we swear, chickens are just as capable of giving love as dogs or cats are. In fact, one woman on TikTok has gone viral for the tender moment she had with her chicken recently, and it's sweet enough to convince anyone that chickens make the best pets. 

TikTok creator Katie the Chicken Lady (@katiegingersnap) of Newport, Rhode Island shared the heartwarming footage on her page. And it's downright magical. 

"Animals know when they are loved...even chickens," she wrote in the video's caption. There is something so gentle about the way this mama shows her chicken Sesame some love. It was especially touching because, as the TikToker mentioned in the caption, "Sesame was recovering inside from an impacted crop." So Sesame really needed some TLC. 

Commenter @kfoster01 agreed that all chickens know when they're loved. "When my daughter was little she had a white Silkie that she carried around and the Silkie followed her everywhere she went!" she wrote. "Every animal is 100% capable of love and reciprocates it back. I hope she feels better!" @legendofnewhorizons exclaimed. "I love this! She's soaking up all the love. I hope she recovers quickly!" @felice_garcia added.

Sesame clearly has a very special connection with her owner. Don't we all wish we had a bond like theirs?

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