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Little Girl’s Reaction to a ’Naughty’ Chicken Is So Epic We Can’t Even

While most domesticated pets get used to having little humans in the house, others can be a bit more testy when tiny hands come poking at them. This especially rings true when it comes to farm animals. One little girl who is featured in a recent TikTok video shared on her parents’ channel, @rileylouise, is clearly used to being around the family’s chickens.

In the clip, she’s seen walking over to say hello to a hen, and she bends down to get a closer look. Let’s just say things don’t quite go as planned, and the bird reaches out to peck at her. Her reaction and what she says to the hen is so epic, we can’t help but watch this over and over again on repeat. 

LOL! In case you didn’t quite hear what she said, her mom spelled it out for us in the comments. “For those asking for me to translate what she said, she said, ‘Oh, did you hear that mummy?’ She went, ‘oh!’ And then called the chicken a naughty woman 😂.

Um, is this the best thing you’ve heard all week, or what? It’s about time for us to start referring to anything or anyone who crosses our path as a “naughty woman.” LMAO. TikTokers can’t get enough of this cutie. @Michelle Eggleton said, “Bless her… she is so switched on lol xx.” HA! She certainly did. Another commenter, @Amy Louise, added, “More bothered about the sound it made then being pecked. Bless her 😂.” And @duffymoon made a great point, saying, “She is beautiful!! Tough little girl!! She will handle life just fine! 😂.” She most definitely will!

And for those of you who were curious, yes, the “naughty woman” thing seems to have stuck with this precious child.

Can we all give a huge collective thanks to her parents for sharing this content and making our day?!