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Sound of Chicken’s Tiny Sneeze Is Cuter Than Anyone Could’ve Imagined

You might not have known that you need the sound of a sneezing chicken in your life, but we’re here to tell you that you absolutely do! TikTok user @BlackSmoke1033 shared a clip of her chickens going about their normal day, bopping their heads as they eat. That's adorable enough to begin with, but the quick video just keeps getting better. 

The creator zooms in on one chicken in particular named Anna, aka Lady Henitrescu. (Lol, love the name!) But poor Anna must have allergies or something because her nose was sniffling, leading her to let out the most adorable sneeze you’ve ever heard. Trust us, you’ll want to watch this on repeat at least 15 times. It happens quick, so be ready! 

Stop it! This is AMAZING! We had no idea what a chicken sneeze sounded like before this. But whatever we were thinking it was going to be was not even remotely close to what it actually sounds like. LOL! We were so struck by the cuteness, we didn’t even say what @moobloo92 said to the chicken, “Bless you.” Ugh, sorry, Lady Henitrescu!

@Nicole Gibbs Cappellazzo commented, “That was the absolute cutest lowercase sneeze ever.” LOL! Lowercase sneeze?! That’s the perfect way to describe this sweet, little squeak. @Ashlee Harding900 added, “It’s cuter than I could ever imagine.” Right?! She was one and done! Meanwhile, we keep going for at least three sneezes. Ugh! @Ju said, “How many times have you watched this? me: Yes.” HA! Too many times to count, clearly.

 “THOSE ARE THE FLUFFIEST CHUNKIEST CHICKENS IVE EVER SEEN OH MY GOD I WANNA HUG THEM SO BAD,” wrote Ellie/Mantis/Fern. Our feelings exactly, caps and all! The fluffiest, chunkiest, sneeziest chicken ever!