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Mom Discovers Her Chicken's Surprise Babies and Her Reaction Is Going Viral

TikTok user @krmoore13 recently posted a clip that has quickly gone viral. In just three days this video has reached over 6.3 million views and 1.1 million likes. And the reason behind the video's success is because of the surprise this creator uncovered from her chicken. 

She filmed herself checking on her chicken, and apparently, she got a little more than she bargained for. The chicken had become a mom and was already being a protective mother, hiding her babies under her body. It sounds like she even growled at the creator when she came to check. LOL! But this TikToker kept looking anyway. And what she saw was the last thing she was expecting. You'll be just as shocked when you watch this clip! 

LOL! We totally went through that rollercoaster of emotions with this TikTok creator as we were also only expecting maybe 3 little babies. But they just kept coming! No wonder her voice changed as soon as she realized how many chickens the mama actually had. Also, how in the world did all those babies fit under the mom like that?! Ha! 

"I love the tone change from sweet 'Oh lemme see your babies!' to 'OH MY GOD REALLY' dying lol," said @sassysabs94. How can your voice not change with that surprise?! That's a whole lotta babies to discover! LOL! @ladynoble added, "You sounded like the grandma that just knew she was going to have to be financially responsible 😂." Well, we hate to break it to her, but she is going to be financially responsible. LOL! Think of how much extra food she's going to have to start buying. Worth it though! 

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Another TikTok user, @piney_bend_cattle, wrote, "They’re precious! All 47 of them! 😏." Aren't they?! 

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