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Video of Chicken Summoning Human Mom for Help Is So Cute We Can't Even

No matter what you need, Mom is there to help. Apparently, even chickens know this! We found this out in @mytriumphovertragedy's now-viral video of her precious hen, Luna, who clearly had something to say. She even pecked on the door to get her mom's attention! 

As her human mama approaches the back door of her house, the angry chicken stops pecking and starts talking instead. Her mom had kept her waiting! We'd tell you the rest but, honestly, you should see for yourself. Luna's sass is next-level cute! 

Aww! We don't know what's cuter: that Luna knew to go to her mama, or that @mytriumphovertragedy followed her hen right to the closed door. It's like they share a telekinetic connection! 

Much to no one's surprise, all of TikTok is living for this adorable connection. Just take a peek at the comments section!

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"She sounds like she needs to speak to the manager about this," wrote @kmrb777. "She’s sick of it! 😂 This is the funniest thing ever!!!" We seriously can't help but agree. This talkative girl could have her own poultry podcast! We know we'd listen in.

Just like @_thistlethorn_ pointed out, though, "the fact that she came and got [her mum] 😂" is really, really sweet. She knows who solves the problems around here! We hope Luna's mom felt accomplished after reading her feathered friend's mind like this. It's a talent and a gift!

"Aww she is beautiful!" @jessica_bam_89 gushed. "I love her sassy attitude. I can only imagine their conversation before she came and got you. 🥰😂." OMG! We didn't even think about that! That totally makes sense if they had a chat beforehand since Luna's sister was waiting and ready by the coop door! 

And then there's "Luna running past you [like] “'it’s about time..' 😂," as @khloeee.v commented. Obviously, patience is not one of her virtues. Normally that wouldn't be such a good thing, but this time it certainly got the job done. Good job, Luna!

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