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Video of Chickens Carving Out Pumpkin Is a Halloween Masterpiece

Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means it's time to pick out the last of the pumpkins, grab the carving tools and candles and get to work. To us, carving pumpkins is a very daunting task because well, it's not as easy as it looks. But apparently, it's no tall task for chickens.

TikTok user @aguahediondalagoon, a section of the environmental ecosystem at the Discovery Center in Carlsbad, California, decided to get in on the viral chicken pumpkin carving trend. Someone starting to poke tiny holes into a pumpkin in the shape of the eyes and mouth. Then, the pumpkin was left out for the chickens to take care of. They worked their magic and trust us, you'll be mindblown by the result! 

O.M.G. Can we hire these chickens to carve our pumpkins!? We're seriously so impressed with how well the pumpkin turned out. And we're not the only ones! @anastasiaalbright0 said, "Well the chickens did a great job! Better than what I would've carved." HA! Seriously though, they made pumpkin carving look so easy! 

"The one at the end wants you to see how well it did lol it's so proud," commented @suziedoobiedoo. Aww! The chicken should be proud of this Halloween masterpiece. It's clearly grabbing the internet's attention with over 12.4 million views. Soon enough this pumpkin will be sitting in a museum! 

@sggolfer17 asked, "Is this how you get pumpkin-spiced eggs?" HA! We wouldn't be surprised if there was such a thing because there's pumpkin-spiced everything! @dr.eggs.benedict wrote, "This is step one to making eggnog." Who knew it could be that simple!?


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