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Woman Gets Her Chickens a Disco Ball to Enrich Their Lives and We're So Here for It

Enrichment is an essential piece of any animal's life. It provides them with brain stimulation, helps combats boredom, and gives them the chance to have fun. Who wouldn't want that?

Like the caring, creative chicken mama she is, plant shop and farm owner @thepricklypear installed a disco ball for her birds after hearing positive reviews from a friend. Her now-popular video only shows the chickens' (and a goose's) first impressions of the light show, but it's enough to convince us that this should be a more popular thing. A chicken dance party sounds like the best time!

Yep, this should definitely be required for all chickens from now on. It's such a fun and easy way to keep them entertained and enriched! Plus, it's an absolute vibe.

It should come as no surprise that TikTok is loving the birds' new decoration. Canine influencer @tuckerbudzyn wrote, "Not me crying that I wasn’t invited to a chimken disco," and honestly--same. Farm raves sound like a blast, even if everyone's a bit confused by the new lights at first. 

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Not the goose, though! Ms. Harriet was fascinated by the disco ball, and she stole the show as a result. Commenter @daisynet911 said, "Goose was INTO it lol," and we think that about sums it up! Some of us (like @thatbxtchbecks and ourselves) are convinced that "that goose was a raver in a past life," too. She seems right at home under the lights!

As for her feathered hen friends--we'll just have to wait for an update to see how they like it! Like @ophelia.darling said, "they're literally all like 😮," and we have no idea what it means! We certainly hope egg production increases like @thepricklypear was hoping, and that everyone loves the new, fun atmosphere! 

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