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Dog's Reaction to Chickens Trying to Steal His Food Is Downright Hilarious

The last thing you want when you're eating is to have someone trying to eat off your plate. Which is why we're siding with one dog, who was clearly peeved that one of the chickens he lives with was trying to steal some of his food. To quote the great Stephanie Tanner: how rude!

The poor unnamed dog just wanted to eat his dinner, but unfortunately a pack of chickens couldn't let him be. Video shared by the pup's mama, Mag (@mags_crazy_life), shows the dog chowing down at his food bowl. But then... well, apparently the chickens were hungry too. The look on his face is just too funny. Clearly, the guy is ticked. "My poor dog just wants to eat…" Mag wrote in the video's caption. 

People in the comments section were absolutely laughing at these pesky chickens. "Chickens are the worst freeloaders! Well, second to goats!" @kristynash26 wrote. "Me at the restaurant when I order something really good and my family members want to try it to see how it tastes," @user1733389485040 joked. "He’s so mad but knows he’s not allowed to attack them," @happyaussiedoodle added. "When you're the only sober person at the party," @odieandviv teased. 

Although some people worried that something bad was going to happen. "Funny till the dogs start killing chickens.. I comment from experience," @dad.flex commented. "Move the chickens or the dish... poor puppy!" @darylmoore718 chimed in. "He’s gonna snap. He warned them and nothing was done," @babymarlow explained. 

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However, later in the thread Mag explained that there was nothing to stress about. "Y’all. 1. This is the first time they did this. 2. He was supervised. 3. He is well trained. 4. He was warning them to back off. Not attacking," she wrote. 

"Also, HE WATCHES ME COOK/EAT. I don’t get peace either," she continued, before adding a crying-laughing emoji. And if you're really worried, the TikToker explained that she "did shoo the chickens away after I stopped recording."

So there you have it. Everyone was safe and sound. 

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