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Chihuahua's Impressive Acting Skills Are Totally Oscar-Worthy

We know our fur babies can werk it when it comes to getting attention, so we weren't surprised to see Hermes the Chihuahua playing up his fake injuries at his mama's request. He's one of the most dramatic actors we've ever seen! That must be why his mama started the account @hermes_and_madi to document their precious moments like these.

Ready to see this year's most-Oscar-nominated performance? Well--maybe Hermes isn't up for an Academy Award quite yet, but we're willing to make up an award just for him!

OMG--Hermes! We are obsessed with his dramatic performance and how quickly he can get into character. If we didn't hear his mama setting the scene, we'd think he was really, truly injured!

"The dog was super cute," commented viewer @theodahell. "My heart melted cuz he was super adorable." We know precisely what you mean! Even though we know lil' Hermes isn't injured at all, it's hard not to feel for the pup. He's a master at tugging on our heartstrings! @Mtyx19 agreed, saying "I believe him," and we feel like they're not the only one. 

@Blackdahlia26 asked a very understandable question, and now we're wondering the very same thing: "Why are Chihuahuas so dramatic?" Whether it's a breed thing or a personality thing is still up in the air, but it's too cute for us to care. Big or small--pups' personalities are the best! 

If you're @khay_jaz, though, you might have some different feelings. She said, "my chihuahua kept screaming when we touched her and the vet said 'ignore her she’s lying.'" TBH, we feel a bit bad for laughing! That does sound exactly like a Chihuahua, though...

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