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Tiny Chihuahua's Response to Realizing She's Going on an Adventure Is Just Precious

There are perks to having dogs of every size, but owners of teacup pups tend to love how easy is it to travel with them. Luckily, some of those dogs love traveling, too! Just take a look at @pennythebluechi, an adorable little lady who cannot wait to accompany her parents on their latest adventure. By the looks of the video, they look just as happy to have her along! 

This tiny Chihuahua is melting hearts with her excitement, and it's easy to see why. Get ready for some adorable lil' tail wags! If we were Penny's owner, we'd never be able to resist taking her somewhere just to make her this happy.

See what we mean? She's such a joyful little girl! No wonder her dad is smiling so big. If we had to take a guess, we'd say the commenters were smiling, too! 

@Leilanimartin2's comment is the perfect example. She said, "My favorite part of tik tok is seeing how much people adore their little pets. It’s pure happiness!!!!" Isn't it? We think it's safe to say that Penny feels the same way.

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"The caption 'my little bag lady' I love that. It's so cute," wrote @chrissews408. It's precious! Penny knows where her favorite place to be is, and she's wasting no time getting there. Just like @iamvalerie91 said, "Penny is a perfect little angel 🥺👼." That must be how she convinces her dad to take her everywhere!

If we're being honest, though, it doesn't seem like her dad needs much convincing. Take it from @emilylynne, who said, "real men wear chihuahuas 🥰." Now that belongs on a t-shirt! We think Penny and her dad would make the perfect models for it, too. Someone make this happen!

Until then, we'll just be enjoying Miss Penny's adventures. She seems like such a loved, happy girl, and we're eating it up! 

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