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Chihuahua Adopts Rescued Baby Squirrel As Her Own and It's Nothing Short of Precious

Losing your mom is always a difficult experience, but it can be made a bit easier by getting love and support from those around you. Sometimes, that love and support can come from the places you least expect it, such as from a different species. One dog is helping a rescue baby squirrel through such an ordeal in this viral video.

TikTok user @beckybeaverandfriends recently shared a video of her chihuahua, Gracie, taking on a mothering role for a baby squirrel that was recently orphaned. So sweet! Check out the video to see how Gracie is helping this squirrel get through the loss of its momma.

Awww, Gracie is such a lovely surrogate mother! We glad this squirrel has another animal that can comfort her and show her the ropes.

People in the comments love how Gracie stepped up to be a mother to this orphaned squirrel. @tmb646 said, "This is great. Mother instinct is alive and well!" and @martor2021 commented, "Animals have such big hearts, especially when it comes to babies!" Animals can be very selfless when it comes to helping baby animals in need!

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Others thought the squirrel might have been a bit confused about this turn of events. @apollo6h commented, "The squirrel definitely has a few questions about the situation," and @mrtyprz joked, "They don’t look like her, I wonder if they look like their dad." Too funny! This is definitely a unique situation that creates some funny anecdotes.

We are so glad this squirrel found the right family to take care it after losing its mother. We can tell Gracie will love and protect this squirrel like it's her own pup!

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