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Chihuahua's Sweet Gesture to Encourage His Sister to Use the Stairs Is Beyond Adorable

You can tell if an older sibling is kind by the way they help out their younger sister or brother, at least most of the time! The older sibling has been through more and has more experience, which is why they like to pass on their knowledge to the youngsters. This could be in the form of advice or something as simple as learning to master the stairs.  

Take for example this sweet Chihuahua named Kevin who helped a little sibling learn to walk down the stairs. TikTok user @usandthewawas shared a clip where she realized Kevin was patting the stair so his little sister knew it was alright to take a step. Aww! This adorable clip has over 1.4 million views and 261.1K likes.

This is so sweet! Kevin was really invested in his sister learning and wanted to help out in any way possible. What a good boy! One TikTok user commented, "Oh god… that tapping is precious! Kevin, you are the most adorable!!♥️🐾♥️." He is, he is! We love Kevin. "That is THE sweetest thing I have seen ❤️," added @Jennifer Redden. "They’re so much smarter than we give them credit for! 🤓," said @MMS. 

Another commenter, @farijuana, brought up an excellent point for those who are teaching their pets to us the stairs. "I think she can't figure out where the steps are, they kind of blend together. Contrasting edging might help!" That's a great idea, especially if your stairs look like they blend. Or you can get yourself a Kevin and have him help out your pets, lol! 

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"Omg we just got a kitten- our older cat is teaching him everything. He’s like a human dad. It’s amazing to see," said @Maybe Not. Aren't animals just the best?

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