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Video of Chihuahua Getting His Very First Pup Cup Is So Sweet We Can't Even

No one can forget the first time their dogs got a pup cup. Or cats as we now know 'Kitty Kups' are a thing! The reaction with every pet getting a cup of whipped cream is pretty much the same. There's some slight hesitation as they don't know what it could be, but with a quick sniff, it's game over. It doesn't matter how many videos we see of pets getting their first pup cup, we can't get enough!

TikTok user @popcorncarroll hopped on the pup cup wagon and we're in love. Maybe this one should be specially called "pop cup" after this Chihuahua whose name is Popcorn. And because well, Popcorn's reaction to his first taste of a Starbucks puppuccino is as sweet as it gets! You won't believe how big the pup cup looks in comparison to Popcorn. 

Oh man, if the suspense is killing us we can't even imagine what's going through Popcorn's mind! (Especially with the long drive-thru...LOL!) He doesn't know what's coming which is why his eyes are locked in. 

"An exciting time in a young dog's life," wrote @katieb355. So exciting that he doesn't even know what's coming! @__yogi__69 added, "The dog will never be the same." Once you start, he'll never stop asking for one! Get ready for the adorableness!

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Aww! How cute is Popcorn?! The pup cup looked bigger than he does, but that definitely didn't stop him from going in on that deliciousness. "Not even gonna stop to breathe 🤣🤣🤣🤣," pointed out @johnward465. Well of course not! He didn't want anyone to steal it from him. LOL! 

TikTokers can't get over how big this pup cup looks in comparison to the little dog. "He makes that cup look HUGE 😂," said @johnson.alex02. Right?! All this time we thought the pup cups were small next to big dogs, but this gave us a whole new perspective! "More like a PupTub," added @eddieexists. LMAO! This dog is really swimming in it! The creator even said he stuck his whole face in the cup. Relatable! @mommypottymouth wrote, "I feel the same way when I get Starbucks! 🤗." 

No matter how many videos like this we see, it'll never get old to us! Because as @penfield888 said, "A dog’s first pup cup is a thing of joy!" It truly brightens up our day! 

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