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Tiny Chihuahua's 'Ghost-Themed' Halloween Photoshoot Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

TikTok user @louthechichi is one step ahead of us all when it comes to the Halloween season. The Chihuahua has her coustume ready to go. She even did a spooky photoshoot to make sure the costume was showing the full effect. And boy, did it work! 

The adorable clip brought in 1.7 million views in two days and blessed all of our timeslines, preparing us for the Halloween season. The photoshoot was scary with a side of cuteness. And we promise you, you won't be able to get enough!  

O.M.G. Stop! That is the cutest things we've ever seen! Sorry, we mean scariest thing we've ever seen. Definitely scary...LOL! And we have to say, Lou's outfits were on point. This doggo definitely got the scary message across to us! 

Don't even get us started on the last picture. We just about jumped out of our seats. LOL! One TikTok user, @your_gorl.amb2r, wrote, "I'M SCARED 😆." Same here! "Omg I almost had a heart attack 😳😱😨," commented @kylae123. We're were like that too, but the dog is just way too adorable that the heart attack never commenced.  

"Ah so scary but omg she is so cute aww," said @that_dino_gal. No one can be frightened from that face. "Omg she scared me so much with cuteness," added @beckyandpatch1995. We'll take that kind of scare any day of the week!


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