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Chihuahua's Little Ghost Costume Is Ultimate Halloween Cuteness

One of the cutest and funniest memes is the "If ghosts are not real, explain this" hashtag you see across social media, especially during spooky season.You can find everything from children to cats to dogs to random ghostly appearing marshmallows in these hilarious videos, and  @mochi_thechihuahua1 has produced one of our favorites. 

This clip is going viral with over 6.2 million views and people are loving this adorably scary reveal at the end. Just watch, but you may want to be prepared to cover your eyes because it's just so frightening! 

Now how do you explain this? It's obviously a real ghost! Viewers are loving this across TikTok with over 13 thousand comments. @Kayliewooten posts, "Welp, can’t argue with that solid evidence." Right? This is actual proof ghosts exist. "I'm not gonna be able to sleep," commented @Jamesdalga, who obviously believes in ghosts now. @Lulujones is now a true believer, "Oh my gosh, I'm finally a believer in the paranormal.Though, ghosts are way cuter than I thought they'd be." 

Little Mochi has got to be just about the cutest ghost we've ever seen. We'd be totally okay with him haunting our house any day of the year. We'd just want to make sure we have some dog treats on hands to give this tiny ghost!

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