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Chihuahua's Adorable Way of Begging Mom for Chicken Is Winning Everyone Over

Dogs can be fairly predictable. When they want food, they're usually going to beg for it until their owners give in or they are shooed out of the room. One pup took her request for a taste of chicken a step further in this hilarious video.

TikTok user @ericaroslyn recently shared a video of her Chihuahua and their foster Chihuahua at dinner time. The foster only has three legs and was being fed chicken, so their dog figured if the foster was getting chicken, she might as well try standing on three legs to get some too!  Check out the video to see how this dog mimics their foster in a valiant effort to get her paws on some chicken.

LOL, this is too funny. We definitely admire the dedication this dog put into begging for the chicken.

People in the comments thought this dog was too smart for her own good! @g06028 said, "Chess, not checkers, now give her the bird!" and @4mdebi commented, "Chihuahuas are so smart, they don't get enough credit!" We agree, the ingenuity behind this Chihuahua's attempt to get chicken was very impressive! Another user, @amberleigh048, was amazed at the drama of it all. She said, "Dogs are so dramatic for no reason. I love them so much."

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Fear not readers, this pup did, in fact, receive some chicken! Her owner uploaded a second video as proof that the chicken was given to their copycat Chihuahua!

Well, we may have thought this Chihuahua's mimicry of the tri-pod pup was funny, but, evidently, it worked! Though, as dog owners ourselves, we're pretty sure she would have gotten the chicken regardless. We're powerless against puppy dog eyes!

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