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Chihuahua's Jealous Reaction to Parents Cuddling Is Too Cute

When you start dating someone and things get serious, you want to make sure your friends and family approve of the person. That's pretty normal. But we're forgetting another living thing whose opinion matters greatly - our pets. 

And based on this video, we'd say TikTok user @mad.chi's dog isn't too keen on the fiancé. This Chihuahua gets a little protective over her mom, especially when the financé tries to come in for cuddles. Watch the dog's jealous reaction because it's both hilarious and so precious!  

LOL! Give that baby some snuggles too for crying out loud! How dare they make her jealous like that? And who knows, maybe it's not even jealousy. She's just being the best doggo and protecting her mom from everyone. 

"She said, 'ALRIGHT ENOUGH OFF!!'" commented @jadasmith79. The dog was giving them one second and then anything more than that she knew she had to jump in. LOL! @bikelife051 added, "She tried so hard to control herself too." Aww, we know she did. We have to give her some credit for that, trying to stay calm. But sometimes you can't hold in your feelings! 

@mamabear8.0 wrote, "I call my dog my chaperone. He's gotta be in between me and whoever is on the other side of me." HA! That's so sweet though. Even though dogs have the biggest egos, it's because they love us so much and they just want to protect us! 


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