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Video of Chihuahua Meeting New Foster Kittens Is Peak Adorableness

We can't all be as sweet as Peaches! This tiny Chihuahua, like most others, has a personality ten times her size, but where other dogs are spicy, she's as sweet as can be. Just take a scroll through her videos!

Peaches' owner, who runs @chihuahuapeaches on TikTok, loves showing off her pup's precious demeanor as a way of destigmatizing the breed. Her latest video is the perfect example. When many may expect a Chihuahua to bark, snap, or at least ignore a pair of new kittens in their home, this fruit-inspired gal couldn't be any more different. 

What a happy little girl! We positively adore Peaches' reaction to her new foster kitties, even if the siblings don't quite know what to make of things at first. After all, they're still adjusting! 

With an introduction like this, Peaches can probably relate to commenter @staceyye87's pup. They've gone through the same thing! "My chi thinks every cat wants to be friends," she wrote. "They unfortunately do not feel the same 😂." LOL! We know both Peaches and Stacey's dog will find feline friends one day, but for now we are more than content with adorable videos like this. 

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Peaches' tiny tippy taps are our favorite! Everything she does is so light and delicate because of her size, but her excitement is still unmistakable. "I think she approves of them 😉 🥰," wrote @eener71224. Do you think?

We think it's safe to expect more videos of this pint-sized trio in the future, and we can't wait to see what they'll be up to! It's easy to forget that the kittens are merely fosters --and not Peaches' forever roommates--but in the end it makes no difference whatsoever. Siblings are siblings! 

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