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Images From Tiny Chihuahua's Modeling Shoot Are So Good We Can't Stand It

All pet parents think their baby is the cutest pup on the planet--model-worthy perhaps--but only a handful of dogs actually have the portfolio to prove it. Bao is one of those dogs! He's one handsome beige and white chihuahua who's known for his fashionable style and luxurious lifestyle. Saying that we're jealous is an understatement! 

Though everything he does is trendy AF, one particular video from his channel, @baothechi, is taking off on TikTok. After seeing a previous clip of the pup modeling for the camera, tons of his fans requested--no, demanded--to see the final result. And, trust us, they were so worth the wait. 

What an icon! Bao is seriously adorable, and he still pulls off a trench coat better than we ever could. And don't get us started on the glasses!

"Oh my god. Ridiculously handsome 👏🏻," commented dog-fluencers @skoobie_and_friends. "I wish I could get Skoob into a photo shoot like this. He’s a stud 😂." All pups deserve a luxurious photo shoot at least once in their lives! If a simple camera and a trip to the park are what it takes to get your buddy comfortable--so be it! 

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Speaking of comfortable, Bao seems right at home in his fancy outfits. In fact, several users asked, "Where you get his clothes at 🥰?" just like @awildflowerspirit. Would you believe they're from Bao's website? The selection of items on "are carefully curated to represent Bao's classy, elegant, and timeless style," and, honestly, they're affordably priced, too!

With high-quality clothes like he has, no wonder commenters like @saladsfordayss think he's such "an eloquent gentlemen, indeed🥰." The glasses are just the cherry on top! 

Do you think your pup could rock a look like Bao's?

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