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Video of Tiny Chihuahua Smelling the Garden Flowers Is Going Viral

There are so many lessons we can learn from our furry friends, but one Chihuahua is out to remind everyone to stop and smell the roses every now and again. His name is Cedric, and he's just about the sweetest, tiniest thing we've ever seen. Just look at him!

It comes to no one's surprise that @chihuahuacedric boasts 1.5 million TikTok followers already, but his most recent viral video is about to bring in even more. In the clip, his owner helps him get up close and personal with some of their garden flowers while he gives them a thorough sniff test. It may sound mundane, but Cedric's pint-sized sweetness combined with the flowers' beauty is a recipe for some next-level content.

Cedric's little adventure has us wanting to give our nearby flowers a sniff, too! We're sure everything this dog does is absolutely precious, so we're not at all shocked to see comments like @lauren.saurus's: "I FREAKING LOVE CEDRIC 😤." How could you not?

There is literally only one way Cedric and his owner could make this video better, and @skyscraper0102 knew exactly what it is. "Do it again but put him in a bee costume," they suggested. Can you imagine? We think we may faint from the cuteness!

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If you felt like you've seen Cedric before and couldn't quite put your finger on it, @boulda17 figured it out. She wrote, "I feel like he’s giving the little mouse in the Alice in Wonderland tea kettle," and we can totally see it! All he needs is the teapot and little outfit!

With an adorably tiny body like Cedric's, there's nearly no limit to what one can do. From bees to movie dress-up, it all sounds too sweet to fathom!

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