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Tiny Chihuahua's Precious Little Song Is Just Irresistible

We’ll never not be impressed with all the tricks dogs can do. And think about how far the tricks have come from just teaching them to sit. No longer is ‘sit’ impressive though because well, dogs are now singing. Yes, singing!

The latest singing dog to take our breath away is this Chihuahua named Honey, also known on TikTok as @sweethoneybooboo. In this recent clip, Honey was relaxing when out of the blue she was asked to perform, and boy did she perform. You need to listen to this!

O.M.G. This Chihuahua put on a SHOW! We definitely weren’t expecting this at all. LOL! We feel like Chihuahuas get a bad reputation for being sassy, but this video just shows how they have a soft, sensitive side too.

“I like how she stood up and acted like she stepped right up to the mic,” wrote @catladiekatie. In her defense, she was asked to sing and she wasn't going to give anything less than 110%! Or in @tocoloco’s words, she gave it “the ol’razzle dazzle.” Name a better singing dog, we’ll wait!

@theonlyladyblu commented, “Adds to playlist.” We’re absolutely adding this version to our playlist. And you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be listening for the next week straight! “Playing this at my wedding,” added @antijessclub. That’s a brilliant idea! Heck, why wait for a wedding? Play this during your Thanksgiving dinner. A song the whole family can enjoy. LOL!

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