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Chihuahua's Tiny Pair of 'Crocs' Totally Made Our Day

One of the reasons people love buying baby clothes is because the small versions of normal clothes are just adorable. For those who prefer dogs to children, this dog is showing off the way you can still buy tiny shoes for the 'baby' in your life.

TikTok user @hotrod552 recently shared a video of her Chihuahua, TailPipe, showing off a major fashion statement: her new dog Crocs! In the video, TailPipe strikes a pose while wearing her neon orange dog Crocs, and she is officially the coolest dog in the neighborhood. Check out the video to see TailPipe rock the hottest shoe on the market.

OMG, this is amazing. We can't get over how small and adorable these dog Crocs are! TailPipe looks very proud of herself for wearing these shoes like a champion. This is one very fashion-forward dog!

People in the comments think TailPipe looks fantastic. @lucanacholove said, "So adorable, I love this!" and @marjoriemorgan0 commented, "They are so cute, I love them!" We can totally see why TailPipe's mom bought these for her, she looks great!

Others mentioned how stylish TailPipe is in these shoes. @dy02ef25a344e10 commented, "Very fashionable, I like it very much," and @janicedurham561 said, "You look lovely, very chic!" TailPipe is quite the trendsetter—soon enough all the dogs at the park will be wearing these!

Seeing TailPipe wear these cool shoes totally made our day, and we bet everyone stops to stare when she struts around the neighborhood. Now, she just needs to get little doggy Jibbitz charms for her Crocs to really impress her friends!

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