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Chihuahua's Pitiful Reaction to Mom Going to Work Has People in Their Feelings

More and more people are making their way back to the office. Some might be excited to get that interaction with coworkers again, but others are finding it a bit more difficult. Between getting up earlier, the commute and no more wearing PJs, we see why employees are wanting to stay fully remote. Plus, it's hard to leave our furry friends behind. And we can't tell who is more heartbroken - the pet owners or the pets themselves.

All we know is that we'd quit immediately if our pets ever looked TikTok doggo @tupacthechihuahua while we were leaving for work. In this hard-to-watch clip, the creator is petting her Chihuahua goodbye. You can just hear it in her voice how she struggled to leave him at home. And ugh, don't even get us started on his reaction. You'll start tearing up! 

Aww, stop it! This is so sad. The poor pup's eyes were watering. He knew it was coming and he just wanted the bandaid ripped off. We can't imagine this happening every morning before work. We'd be late every single day. Heck, we're not sure we'd even last at that job! And other TikTokers are saying the job isn't worth it.

"I'd quit my job," wrote @deezydukes. Maybe she could ask to bring the pup in. He's so small no one would even notice he's there! LOL! Or better yet, can she ask for a fully remote schedule!? @Laramendoze commented an excuse we all can use, "I can't come in cause my dog is sad." We'd be completely fine with that if we were the boss! @Charlie Spinner added, "This is what return to the office is doing. Breaking up families!!!" It's true! Bring the work back home and make these pets happy again! 

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One TikTok user, @the_priceisright19, offered great advice. The comment reads, "I’m a dogsitter and something I’ve learned is they get less sad if you don’t make a big deal ab coming/going, just leave!" Oh wow! That's what parents do when they have to leave their children with a babysitter. We'll keep this trick in our back pocket for the next time and see if our animals don't get as upset!

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