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Chihuahua's Epic TikTok Belongs In a Western Movie ASAP

Move over John Wayne. There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Manchas. Though this spicy little Chihuahua is known for his funny, grumpy antics, @manchasthetiktoker is getting tons of new fans for his cowboy "role" in one recent video. We must say--he fits the bill darn tootin' well, and we are living for it. 

Judging by the 163 thousand TikTok viewers who have enjoyed this video already, we aren't the only ones obsessed with Manchas's cowboy vibes. He really sells the angry sheriff character! If he keeps up the great acting work, which we know he will, he'll be nominated for a Barkademy Award in no time. 

Are you a member of the Manchas fan club yet? We certainly are! His personality is just as...flavorful in every video he does with his dad, Daniel, and it's impossible not to be riveted. Even if we're sometimes only watching out of pure anticipation, the will-he-wont-he vibe of Manchas' reactions have us LOL-ing every time. 

"Handsome cowboy...." commented @mstevens1960. "Love your attitude 🥰." He really does steal the show, even if all he's doing is sitting pretty with an intense look on his face. Now that takes show biz talent! "The way we just stares us down😂" was a favorite of @hbc1112's, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't trying to stare back through the screen. 

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@Lafayette7272 won the Internet with their top-liked comment on this video: "THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE MANCHAS." We'd buy tickets to this movie immediately! This chi is the new "Clint Beastwood 😂," (thank you for that, @kangaroo_bob) and all of TikTok needs to know it. Manchas is a star in the making!

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