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Chihuahuas' Reactions to Their Human Picking Up 'Chick-fil-A' Are Just Too Cute

There's nothing dogs love more than getting a taste of their human's food, especially when it smells good. They will sit around you while you eat with the hopes you'll give them a bite, or at the very least, you'll accidentally drop a bite and they can pounce on it before you pick it up. Two dogs held out hope for this while their owner ate something particularly delicious in a cute video.

TikTok user @alilbitofsugar_snoopy recently shared a video of her two Chihuahuas, Sugar and Snoopy, when they found out what their owner brought home for dinner. In the video, their mom shows the two pups staring intensely at the Chick-fil-A on her plate while she is eating. Check out the video to see the adorable begging act Sugar and Snoopy put on for their mom.

LOL, these two dogs had the funniest reaction to their mom eating the Chick-fil-A! It seems as though these two already had a taste based on how close the empty food bowls are to the dinner setup, but apparently, they didn't think they received a large enough serving!

People in the comments couldn't get over the intense staring. @maryhinckley6 said, "That little white one is staring into your soul for not getting more," and @janneval1962xoxo commented, "Love it. The eyes are too funny." Perhaps they were trying to levitate some of the nuggets out of the plate and into their mouths!

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Another user, @beenjoltcan, imaged these two dogs were saying, '"BUT MOM COME ON!"' and their mom replied, "HAHA! I ordered grilled nuggets just for them, and they nearly swallowed them whole and then wanted mine." It seems like Sugar and Snoopy thought they might be able to finesse a few more bites out of mom!

Evidently, these two pups were expecting more nuggets. We think they should each get their own order next time so there is no competition or begging for scraps! We know we wouldn't be able to resist these eyes if we were their mom.

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