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Child Collides With Sloth While Riding a Zip Line in Heart-Stopping Video

When visiting the jungle, it's kind of expected to run into a wild animal or two. But one poor kid got the shock of his life while racing down a zip line over the treetops. In the middle of his ride, he suddenly collided with a sloth who was hanging onto to the zip line part of the way down.

The incident was caught on video, and the footage was shared on TikTok by @nowthis. With over 5 million views, it's quickly going viral. Don't be surprised if you catch yourself holding your breath while watching it. 

OMG. Can you even imagine how terrified that child was? Not to mention, the poor sloth had to be wondering what had hit him as well. It was just going about its business, when all of a sudden, hit was directly hit by a human! As the kid said, "I just clocked it straight in the face."

Not surprisingly, people can't get over this clip. One commenter, @Tina noted that she might be a bit wary of zip lines from here on out, saying, "New zip line fear unlocked 😳." Other TikTok users reacted to what the poor sloth must've been thinking. @MCHampster said, "Sloth throws arm up, 'Hey! I'M WALKIN' HERE, I'M WALKING!'" @Mr. Mixmaster added, "The sloth was like, 'Hey... c'mon, watch where ya going, everybody's always in a rush... slow it down kid...😂.'" 

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A lot of people were also wondering what happened after the fact. @Mostly in bed joked, "Rumor has it, they’re still up there to this day 😏." Haha. According to the video caption, both the sloth and the child are perfectly fine. So one way or another, the kid was able to finish his zip line ride, and it's safe to assume the sloth found its way into the trees.

But this clip definitely serves as a word of warning to future zip line riders to be prepared for whatever they might encounter during their adventure. 

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