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Woman's Viral Reaction to a Chipmunk Getting Stuck in Her Window Is Just Too Good

We're not quite sure how a chipmunk got stuck in TikTok user @getburly's winow, but it did. The poor chipmunk was stuck inbetween the two sides of one window with a screen keeping him inside. So the mom of the family decided to take matters into her own hands and save the little fella. 

She made sure her kids were in a different room and even tells them, "If you hear screaming, everything is fine." LOL! So she slowly starts lowering the top of the window with the hope that the chipmunk will crawl out over the open part. But the chipmunk goes the opposite direction. So she then slides open the bottom. It looks like the chipmunk will be saved, so we thought...Instead, this video might as well be a "how to" video on what not to do when saving a chipmunk from your window.

O.M.G. That was the last thing we were expecting! And we're sure all 20.5 million people that watched the clip was just as shocked as we were. That Husky came out of left field! 

@ileanacastillo8 said, "Idk what I was expecting but it was NOT the dog😂." She  prepared the kids during the great rescue but didn't even think to keep the dog in a different room. LOL! To be fair, that sounds like something we would do too. She was only thinking about saving the chipmunk. "'If I scream everything is fine,' everything proceeds to not be fine," commented @emileekaitlin. HA! Something tells us that if she didn't say that to her kids everything would have been fine.

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The Husky was just trying to help mom out! "That dog said you taking too damn long!! 😂😂💀," wrote @Bri Hall. He was lending a paw! Or maybe he did have a seceret mission... "Dog decided he wanted some chips and dale," added @dustymdouglas. We feel bad for laughing, but we can't stop! 

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