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Video of Chocolate Labrador and Baby 'Sharing Joy' Is So Pure and Innocent

Growing up alongside a best friend is one of life's most special gifts. There's always someone to play with or visit when you're lonely, and the bond only gets stronger with age. Truthfully, it doesn't matter one bit if this friend has two legs or four! 

One TikTok user's son is the perfect example of this, and needless to say--we're obsessed. @Kimboderby has been posting videos of her toddler son and the family dog, Tyler, since April 2022, but one recent clip of the two sharing a simple moment of joy is officially going viral. Honestly, it's easy to see why.

We just can't get enough of these two! The Chocolate Lab's gentle nature is oh-so-sweet, and his little brother's smile is to die for. Consider our hearts melted! 

Unsurprisingly, the comments section was packed with oohs and ahhs for this adorable duo. "This just made my face break into a massive smile 🥰," @cheryl_mk shared. You aren't the only one! Fellow commenter @paulloome earned the title of Most-Liked Comment when he said, "For 60 seconds everything was ok in the world, [thank you]." 

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We absolutely get what you mean, Paul! The love and joy positively radiate from Tyler the Lab and his little brother--it's impossible not to get sucked in yourself.

Of course, everyone is beyond impressed with the dog's sweet and patient disposition. He's just so gentle! "Tiny baby arm just disappeared inside the mouth of the doggo," @ninaddk wrote. "What a good boy 😂." Seriously! Tyler seems to love guarding and playing with his human brother, even when the boy starts playing a bit more rough. @Marielouise perry confessed in the comments, "That’s why we all love Labs 🥰." We second that!

"Absolutely the best family dogs, once they've got past their "one braincell short of a braincell" phase 🥰," @lorna_lou_and_bou added. LOL! We don't know what Tyler was like as a pup but from the cuteness we see here, that certainly seems true!

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