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Chocolate Lab Puppy's Reaction to Learning a New Trick Is Downright Precious

Anyone who's gone through puppy training knows it has ups and downs. But when you get a win, it feels so darn good! Take this cute video from TikTok creator @kobythechocolateboy, which shows the Chocolate Lab nailing a command from his human. He seems so proud of himself and we're totally here for it. 

Koby is only a few months old, which means he's still just a puppy. But that doesn't mean that he isn't working hard to learn different commands and tricks. At a recent trip to the lake, the pup impressed his owners by listening to their directions with aplomb. "Sit. Paw," says a man in the footage. And guess what? Koby absolutely nailed both. 

"The way he looked over at mom because he was proud of himself," the video's text overlay reads. And yep, it's so true! Koby looked over at his mama to check in. 

The comments section was also proud of the pooch. "Awe his little hops, he’s so cute," @madysinjean_ wrote. "That was a SOLID dap up, clap was 10/10," @bradparkerr praised. “MOOOOM DID YOU SEE IT DID YOU SEE IT!” @harleydawn08 wrote, channeling Koby's innermost thoughts, we're sure. 

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While another commenter was fighting the urge to get more puppies of their own. "I don’t need another, I don’t need another, I do not need another," @hopeduannrose joked. 

Of course, we predict many more victories for Koby in the future — he's just started learning after all. But the small wins are always so sweet to see and we know his owners love him so much too. 

"Not a pet, he’s part of the family," they wrote in the caption.

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