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Chocolate Lab Puppy's Adorable Hop Into the Pool Instantly Made Us Smile

We know we've been trying to spend as much time as possible at the pool while it's still warm out. But we'd take a dip in the water even if it was freezing out if we could do it with one adorable Chocolate Lab puppy on TikTok. The pup went viral online recently for the adorable way she got into her owner's pool. Trust us, it's the joyful video you need to see today.

Little Coco is always up to something, as can be seen on her TikTok page @cocoathesingletonlab. But it was a summertime video her owner recently shared that got almost 200,000 views online. The video starts off with Coco hanging poolside. Then her mama offered to open the gate and let the pups in the pool. "Mommy's just going to open this gate and see if anybody wants to go in the pool," she added. Coco did! What happened next was so darn adorable. 

That's one way to get in the water! People in the comments section were just as smitten as we were. "Adorable. Chocolates and water. Inseparable. Mine never stays OUT of the pool all summer," @pattycakesags shared. "This baby rules this house as she would mine also. Lots of love," @gidgetclark joked. "All of the chocolates I’ve had have been obsessed with water. It’s the cutest thing ever," @emily_hack chimed in.

We love to see this little one enjoying her summer.

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