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Chocolate Lab’s Failed Attempt to Drink From Water Fountain Is Pure Internet Gold

That summer heat is here to stay. So that means it’s time to break out those bathing suits and sunscreen to take a dip in the pool, cool off, and have some fun in the sun. Of course, you want to make sure your furry pal is enjoying the sunshine, and just like us, you have to keep them hydrated. That’s why TikTok user @colledamonick turned to a nifty two-in-one dog toy and water fountain dispenser. 

She recently purchased a "Piepea Brass Valve Outdoor Fountain" on Amazon. The item gives dogs a constant supply of fresh water. All you have to do is hook it up to the water hose. Your dogs then step on it and a fresh stream of water comes shooting out for them to drink. The only problem is, can the dogs figure out how it works? The creator's two Chocolate Labs were oh so close, yet so far. At least their attempt to drink from the fountain has us LOL’ing! 

LMAO! We seriously can’t stop laughing at all of these failed attempts! They definitely know it works, but they can’t seem to figure out how to make the water stream stay. At least they never gave up.

“Am I the only one yelling ‘Step on it!!!!’ 😂?” asked @Astrid Ciesielski. LOL! We 100% were yelling! This poor pup was so close and his paw was right there! We just wanted to give him a little encouragement. “The other one walks up, ‘Dude, come on, figure it out! You’re supposed to be the smart one!’” wrote @kel_kel_18. Even the smart ones make silly mistakes sometimes. “Combined, these sweet muffins have 1 brain. I love them!” added @kmr8904. LOL! We really thought the second dog was going to come and show him how it’s done, but boy we were so wrong.

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If you’re like us and want to know if he ever figured it out, we have some bad news...

Update: still so adorable!! @alicensabiscuit said, "Help the poor guy out." Don't worry, they have! The creator said they've shown him, but he's just having so much fun doing it this way. As long as he's having fun, we're having fun watching!

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