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Labrador's Adorable Bond With Bengal Cat Is Enough to Make Anyone Smile

We've seen before how dog owners tend to get a second dog to give their current one a friend. It makes sense why people do it. A new dog will keep them energized with all the additional playing. Plus, they won't be lonely with another fur baby in the house. What we haven't seen too often is that new fur baby of the family being a cat. 

But luckily, TikTok user @_these_two_ showed us that having dog and cat siblings is possible. In fact, it's very possible! This owner decided to give her Chocolate Labrador a Bengal Cat. And after being separated in the house for two days, the two fur babies finally met. You might expect some chaos from the first meeting, but based on the montage video, you can see that it didn't take long at all for these two to form an inseparable bond. It's too cute for words!

Aww! We totally get why the dog was a little unsure at first. It's a new animal in the house. Anyone would be like that! But clearly, he warmed right up because now they're playing and snuggling with each other. So precious! 

"They love each other 😭😭😭," wrote @slickwhit11. They do! You can see the love radiating off of them. And we know they have many years together as besties because they're young and only about 5 months apart in age! @slickrye added, "Ugh the relationship they have is absolutely amazing." The best! We bet you'll never see one without the other from now on!

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Another TikTok user @rxuxtxh said, "The snuggles then the biscuits." YES! Did you catch the cat "making biscuits" on the dog?! Apparently, this resembles a happy cat because they typically do it when they find something soothing. So the fact he was doing it on the dog, ugh our hearts! We can't handle it!

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