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Chow Chow Comes Inside With a Wild Animal Attached to Him and Mom's Reaction Is Gold

Cats are well known for bringing unwanted visitors into the house in the form of birds, mice, and chipmunks. But dogs? Well, they usually don't get into that sort of mischief. That's why one dog mom got the shock of her life when her Chow Chow returned from being let out for the evening with a wild animal attached to his body.

The video of the pup and his new friend was shared on TikTok by @dukeof hawthorn. In the clip, you'll hear the dog's mom explaining what happened, saying, "So I just called my dog in for the night and there's something dark attached to his chest." That's when she discovered that the pup, Duke, had a little baby possum clinging onto him. 

How precious is that sweet baby? Aww. Most people would've totally freaked out upon seeing their dog with a wild animal! She was so sweet to take Duke back outside and to gently carry the possom over to the fence to be free. TikTok users can't get enough of the cute clip. One user, @canieatthis joked, "I can't believe you just stole your dogs baby like that." The video creator responded with, "I know! Duke was so upset we didn’t keep it." Aww!

Another commenter, @applegzz added, "Duke's like, guess I’m a dad now 🥺🥰😂." Plenty of people couldn't get over how calm and collected Duke was. @Cottonbottom said, "My Chow would NOT casually walk in with a small animal attached to him 😂."

Duke definitely does seem like a rare breed! It'll be interesting to see if this is the last time he winds up bringing home a new, furry little friend to show off to mom. At least if another one does show up, it'll clearly be in good hands.