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Bulldog's Content Reaction to Skateboarding in His Favorite Parking Lot Wins the Internet

You may think you're cool, but you haven't met Chowder yet. This massively talented English Bulldog is as chill and skilled as it gets--and that's before he even steps onto the skateboard. Tony Hawk better look out! 

This sk8er boi, who already entertains 1.5 million followers on his TikTok account, recently posted a video from his favorite skating spot--a spacious, hilly parking lot. The scene begins with @chowderthebulldog and team unpacking the car and taking a warm-up run, but then the real fun begins. 

Go, Chowder, go! Seeing this dude cruising down the street on his skateboard brings such a huge smile to our face. He looks like he's having the time of his life! It only gets more and more impressive when we think about the extent of his skating talents.

"First chowder is better than me at skateboarding," agreed commenter @tig_the_human. Right? Even his owner replied, "He’s better than any of his hoomans too😂," and we appreciate the honesty! It's always a proud day when the student surpasses the master.

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Viewer can really appreciate how "HES LEANING TO TURN BRUHH." This totally got us, too! We were worried for a moment when Chowder got close to a curb, but he proved our worries wrong.

Still, it's fascinating to think about why this guy loves to skate. To us, it just seems like plain ol' fun! 

"I think bulldogs are fascinated with speed and no effort," commented @regal_aries. LOL! As silly as it is to think about, it's probably true. Chowder is no faster than his fur sister, Maddie, while getting around on his own four paws. Honestly--it makes sense to us! Whyever he enjoys skating, though, the important thing is that he gets to do it (safely, of course)!

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