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City Dog's Reaction to Experiencing Life in the Country for the First Time Is Everything

Whether or not you love the city, a good dose of fresh, country air can be the perfect way to reset amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Even your dog can appreciate the bright sun and wide-open spaces! One TikToker recently posted the sweetest video proving exactly this point, and viewers cannot get enough. 

When @the_brant and her family (including their Chocolate Labrador named Taco) arrived at their country cottage, the pup proceeded to have the time of his life. As any good pet parent would do, his mama whipped out her phone for some of the cutest footage we've seen, and this hilarious video is the result!

What a happy boy! We cannot get enough of his energy and excitement--it's exactly how we feel when we get to go on vacation, too! Needless to say, commenters thoroughly enjoyed this pup's joyful reaction, and their responses are pure gold.

"He’s so excited, he doesn’t know what to do with himself 🥰," wrote @sara.esh3. That's so true! Within about ten seconds he's already seen the whole yard and gone for a swim?! We can't move that fast unless it involves a lot of coffee.

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"Sensory overload. !!SENSORY OVERLOAD!!" is what @str8upog commented, and we're still laughing over here! It's funny because it's true; sometimes the brain just can't take in everything all at once. Nothing wrong with that! The "pure joy and silliness" that @katemthompson pointed out is our favorite part of the video, too, so we wouldn't have it any other way.

This Lab's energy is just so infectious that we didn't even notice when he picked something up about 20 seconds into the video. It wasn't until @allenkath2 asked, "what’s in his mouth? I thought at first he caught a fish!," that we saw the toy in question. 

If he's fast enough to pick that up without us noticing, he probably could catch a fish! With enough time in the country, maybe he will.

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