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Cockapoos' Sweet Bond After Only Being Together for 2 Days Is Beautiful

Sometimes, when you meet your soul mate, you know immediately that you are destined to be together forever. It's a beautiful feeling to experience that kinship with another being, and it's not exclusive to people. Two dogs know what it's like to immediately bond with their soul mate, and we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them in this video.

TikTok user @life.with.cockapoos recently shared a video of her two Cockapoos, Maeve and Ettie, during their first few days together. In the video, their mom says that they have only known each other for two days, and they're already inseparable! Check out the video to see the cute moment between these two new siblings.

OMG, Maeve and Ettie are precious! The way they immediately bonded is just so sweet. We know their momma must be loving this!

People in the comments are head over heels for these adorable pups. @hhgbury3456 said, "This is the most simple and purest form of love I have seen in forever!" and @gizmojackson commented, "The best thing l've seen today! Awwww." This video definitely made our whole week!

Others agreed that these dogs have a special connection and are soul mates. @puppylover222224 commented, "It's like they have a soul connection!" and @pvin0224 said, "Oh my gosh! They are soul mates." We are blessed to witness such pure love!

Maeve and Ettie are so lucky that they have each other. These two are both young, so it is going to be beautiful to watch their relationship grow and develop over the years!

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