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Cockatiel's Aggressive Reaction to Owner's Boyfriend Is Downright Comical

No matter how hard you try to change things, there are some situations where two people you love can’t get along. Which is probably why a video of a woman’s Cockatiel Dusty picking a fight with her boyfriend has gone viral online. Ya' just can't look away from a good old-fashioned beef. “They’ll never get along,” the woman wrote in the video’s caption.

Twelve-year-old Dusty is his mom’s “ride-or-die.” They go everywhere together. So we can sort of see how a new man in the house is starting some drama. In a video shared on the @dustythenotailtiel TikTok page, his mom recently showed just how tense things are between Dusty and her man. “Whenever my bird finds my boyfriend trying to relax,” she wrote in the video’s onscreen caption. The footage shows Dusty approaching the TikTok creator’s boyfriend and when the music drops — it's on.

Unfortunately for the boyfriend, most of the comments section was Team Dusty. “Clearly he was bothering Dusty. I saw it,” @the_sass_gaming wrote. “I love when he takes his fighting stance. Wings out all agro, it makes me happy,” @420beebee added. “Gotta keep ur man in check, as he should,” @amberburbo agreed. “He just wants his momma to himself,” @fijigirl95 pointed out.

This isn’t the first time that Dusty has gotten his feathers ruffled by his mom’s BF. In a previous video on @dustythenotailtiel’s page, Dusty again lost his cool. “My bird attacking my boyfriend for no reason,” she wrote in the onscreen caption.

But don’t worry, things didn’t get too crazy. In fact, by the end of the footage Dusty practically ran home to his mama and tattled that it was her boyfriend who was starting things with him. Tsk tsk tsk. “Soooo dramatic,” @ireallydontcare696 wrote in the comments. And we’d have to say, we totally agree.