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Video of Cockatiel Singing ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ Is Just Too Cute

There aren’t too many music remixes out there in the world that are better than the original. But sometimes, on that rare occasion, there is one remix that makes us forget it. That’s what is happening with one Cockatiel‘s cute little tune! You’ll want to blast this song through your speakers instantly!

TikTok user @skyedeath started out singing the children’s classic, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” But the bird apparently wanted to take over and show everyone the version he created. He stayed right on rhythm, even during the “clapping” parts. Now, we can’t get his version of the song out of our heads! And we know the same will go for you. Wait until you see what he does for the clapping part of the song.

WOW! That rendition was perfect. We really weren’t expecting the beak to come into play, but it sounded just right for the song. And can we talk about how clear this Cockatiel’s pronunciation was?! Absolutely incredible! 

We weren’t the only ones who are loving this remix! @Kayla Bowser said, “Very articulate 😁 10/10.” This bird sounds better than what we hear in songs these days with all that mumbling. @Toe added, “I was shocked by the clear pronunciation! Never head a Cockatiel speak so clearly.” Same! Normally, we’re just mind blown at the fact birds can talk, but now, we’ll hold them to a higher standard thanks to this cool guy. 

"My kids at daycare would go wild for this remix," commented @Samantha Perry. If we’re already going wild for it, there’s no doubt in our minds that the kids will, too! Poor daycare and elementary teachers, they’ll never hear the end of this song, ha! But that’s okay, it’s a good song to get stuck in your head. We can’t wait to hear other verses or other remixes he does in the future.