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Viral Video of Cockatiel Jamming Out to the Beat of the Music Can't Be Topped

Whether it's a tail-wagging dog or a head-bobbing bird, happy animals are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Yum Yum the cockatiel is no exception, though his bright colors and sense of rhythm make it even more of a spectacle. No wonder he's going viral on TikTok! 

His human mama posts lots of his famous dancing videos, but this clip has a certain je ne sais quois that's positively binge-worthy. Just look at him go!

If you ask us, everyone needs a dance partner like Yum Yum to hype them up every now and then. His energy is totally infectious! 

"😂 So he's the gangster cockatiel when is he dropping his album?" asked viewer @shawntaylor5302sauce. Well yeah! He's got the moves down, and all he needs now is a solid album cover to make it in the rap world. 

@Sundownfrog noticed that he even has the lyrics down! "Sounds like its saying 'cocka cockatiel cockatiel cockatiel,'" they said. Ha! Maybe that is what he's saying!

Either way, some viewers can definitely hear where Yum Yum's inspiration came from. "Why does it sound like tipsy by j-kwon?" asked commenter @hottyhazelgirl. LMAO! Now that we've read that, we'll never un-hear it! Clearly, this bird has excellent taste in music. Like @looiebooie2 said, "this bird understands the assignment." Just show him where the party's at! 

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