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Cockatoo's Beautiful Friendship With Baby Girl Couldn't Be More Touching

There have been plenty of videos of dogs befriending the family's baby or a toddler obsessing over a new pet. Those friendships always sweeten up our timelines. We seriously can't get enough! Then every so often there are the friendships that you'd least expect. The rare ones that you can't believe but you're instantly hooked. That's what happened when we saw TikTok user @stephanie_vito's video of her toddler and her unlikely friend. 

The creator made a compilation video of her toddler and the family cockatoo, showing off their friendship that began when the toddler was just a little baby. The cockatoo never leaves the little girl's side. The mom even calls the bird is her babysitter because she never lets the baby out of her sight. And the mom's not wrong. This bird is literally with the baby every step of the way. You'll have to watch it to believe it!

Aww! This is the sweetest thing ever! We would've never put together a little kid and a bird as being two peas in a pod, but we're so glad we know that now. "That's one of the cutest friendships I've ever seen," wrote @Courtnet Brennan200. Same here! This really is something special. 

The creator said, "I’ve had birds most of my life and have never seen anything like the bond they share. They have been inseparable since day 1 (literally) 😁." Between sleeping, playing and crawling around the house, this bird really doesn't leave her side!

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We're not the only ones obsessing with this rare friendship. @MsCupcakeASMR commented, "Aww, this is a whole Disney movie." One we'd watch over and over again! @Hailey Seaton added, "I don’t think I’ve ever loved a video so much in my life." Same! We truly cannot wait for more adventures between these two cuties! 

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