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Cockatoo Carefully Inspects His Mom's Bedroom Upgrades in Comical Video

When redesigning a room, you have to make sure you and your partner both like the colors, flooring, tiles and even furniture. Because after all, you'll be living in it daily. Why would anyone want to live in something they hate? So you have your partner's approval down, do you then ask your kids and pets? Normally no, at least we don't! But maybe it is time we start checking because as it turns out, they might care a whole lot.

TikTok user @busterrthecockatoo is known to be a very vocal Cockatoo. He never shies from conversations and his curiosity is always brewing. In his latest video, he's playing a new role, and he's putting on a house inspector hat to check out his parents' new space. You can see he is slowly making his way throughout the room, checking every little inch. Check out whether or not he gives the final approval! 

LOL! Buster really was checking every part of the room to make sure it was up to his standards, behind the curtains, under the bed. Much more thorough work than other inspectors we've seen! And thankfully, he gave the final sign off.

Buster really did double-check everything to make sure it is a safe place to live. What a caring Cockatoo. He's really just looking out for his family! "He's the building inspector making sure it's up to code👍🏼 ," said @Anj 🌈. "He's your quality control. He's inspecting it for mistakes!" added @Katie Fraser.

"Buster will be criticizing your curtains later in his storytelling 😂," commented @Ali. Ha! He said he liked them, but by the look on his face, he definitely was wondering why they decided on that fabric. Maybe next time, they need to take Buster with them to make design decisions. That wouldn't be a bad thing! Two-in-one: designer and inspector. It's a win, win!