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Cockatoo's Precious Reaction to Seeing His Favorite Little Girl Is So Full of Love

One Cockatoo has apparently found their person in one very tiny human. And the best part is, the bird is almost as big as she is! TikTok user @krazywfarm shared an adorable video of the farm's Cockatoo reacting when his favorite little girl came to say hello. 

In the video, the little girl goes over and pets the bird. He must have loved it because he immediately puts his foot out to try and stand on her arm! Plus, he did it in such a gentle way that your heart will melt! But that's not all. He wanted even more from his favorite human, which you will not believe! 

Aww! He even went in for some kisses and snuggles. That's too cute! You can just tell how much they love each other by the gentleness. "The way he said, 'hello,' and nuzzled her omg," @Jennifer Haining pointed out. We absolutely lost it over this!  

"This is so cute, and I know from experience birds are heavy. so she did good. 😳," commented @Amalia "Skylia" O'Riley. Seriously, the bird was the size of her! LOL. But she didn't care. She must be used to it. @Katelin Roberts wrote, "by far the purest interaction ever." 

@Sara Fish Murphy said, “'What are you two doin'?'” 'Trying to take over the world mom.'” LOL. The two of them are going to be unstoppable! The creator responded to this and said, "Pretty much sums it up 😅." Uh oh, watch out mom. And in case you needed more of these world-dominating cuties, there are more videos! 

Why are they just perfect together?! It's the way he looks at her but also how gentle she is. This is what love looks like.