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Video of Cockatoo Trying to Distract Dad From Doing the Laundry Is Just the Best

Sometimes, having a pet is exactly like having a child. There's no such thing as personal space or alone time, and you end up dedicating most of your time, money, and energy into keeping a small being alive. Still, nothing beats the unconditional love you get in return. 

Dogs, cats, and even birds are known for loving their human parents' attention, so it should come as no surprise that George the Cockatoo follows suit. Even when his dad is trying to do laundry, the curious little bird wants to be right by his side!

Oh, so that's why George's dad keeps the laundry room door closed! We have no doubt this cockatoo would be getting in the middle of everything if he were in there--smart move, Dad! Still, the bird clearly isn't happy being left out.

"Oh my word!" commented @bellebuchanan. "The look under the door was too much ☺️😂😂😂😂." Wasn't it hilarious? We can't get enough of George's nosiness, though we understand 100% why his parents might feel differently. Caring for this bird seems like a full-time job! 

Viewer @nonenita1 wrote,"😂😂😂😅😅😅😅 the way he knocks on the door 😩😩😩😩" and we know exactly what she means. It's too funny! George is like a little human when he's trying to get his dad's attention. Do any other pet owners relate? (We do!)

"Is he saying "open!" ? 😆," asked @suzmia. It sure sounds like it! Even if we can't confirm the exact word, there's no doubt what he wants--for Dad to open the door! 

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