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Video of Cockatoo Dancing and Rocking Out to Music Is a Whole Vibe

It's hard to keep still when your favorite tune comes on. You just want to bust out your dancing feet and get groovy. The downside is that you're not always in the most appropriate places to bust out a move. And if you do, you might make a fool out of yourself. Luckily for this Cockatoo, breaking out into dance at any moment is adorable and honestly, we encourage it! 

We must live under a rock because TikTok user @hoda.2021 has been sharing videos of this dancing Cockatoo for years, getting people through the quarantine days. And every single dance is an absolute vibe. Plus, the confidence from this bird is so admirable. 

LOL! This bird was completely rocking out with no shame, moving every part of the body. It makes us want to start dancing, too! 

TikTok users are loving this dancing bird. @Shelly commented, "Me alone at home." Ha! Us too, except we have two left feet when we dance.😅 @🖤♠️QUEEN♠️🖤 added, "Me when it's almost Friday." How has this bird not been a meme and posted on the @almostfriday Instagram yet?! Who do we need to call to set that up?  

Users are also noticing how this bird is carrying the beat very well. @Vegan lover said, "Right on the beat 😁." You can't teach that type of rhythm. And did the bird make the song selection, because it's 🔥. You can't tell us you sat still watching this video. There's just no way! 

@Krystal Conley wrote, "I need a 3 min clip of this 😂🤣." Right?! This 8-second clip is clearly not enough for any of us. Luckily, there's plenty more where that came from! 

We just don't understand how a bird can dance better than we can. At least we aren't the only ones. LOL!