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Video of Cockatoo Jamming to Tunes With His Owner Is Just the Best

When was the last time you had a really good jam sesh--even a little one? For most of us, it's probably been a lot longer than we'd want to admit, but for Kristin Sitova and her husband, Misha, the dance parties happen daily. They're not dancing just for their TikTok channel, either; it's for their rescue cockatoo, Audrey!

This feathered girl loves to dance, and she's only recently discovered this hidden talent of hers. Before her parents (and their 3 dogs, 3 bunnies, 1 cat, and 1 wallaby) adopted Audrey, she had been plucking out her feathers in stress following the death of her previous owner. Now, she's rocking out to her favorite tunes with her dad! 

If it weren't for Audrey's feather-free body, we would have no clue she had recently been so traumatized! That's the magic of a little love, care, and patience. She deserves every jam session she can get! 

As you can imagine, TikTok is obsessed with this dancing duo. Fans like @elmopoppins leave comments of joy and apprecaition on nearly every video, and it's easy to see why!

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"I’ve watched you so many times. Your little buddy just adores you 🇨🇦," he said. It's so true! Audrey is clearly comfortable busting a move in front of her dad (and her mom behind the camera). It's the sweetest thing!

@Etm0462 must feel the same way, too. She commented that she's "Glad you 2 found each other 🥰." We're with you! It's so clear how Audrey and her parents make each other's lives brighter--just look how they make their viewers smile! 

"So much love, and happiness ❤️ love your posts!" @karendruck3 wrote. We hope Misha and Kristin see this one! With 315.8 thousand followers and nearly as many views on this most alone, we're sure they know just how big of a star Audrey really is. It's undeniable!

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