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Moment Rescued Cockatoo Finally Starts Trusting Her New Owner Is So Incredibly Touching

Rescuing an animal requires so much patience. Especially if the animal has a rough past. They may need time to heal. So imagine how happy one woman was when her rescue Cockatoo finally trusted her enough to climb onto her arm. 

As the TikTok creator from the Pacific Northwest explained elsewhere on their page, their Cockatoo Callie was rescued recently and sadly the bird had plucked out all of her feathers before she got to them. Since coming to live with them, Callie had also yet to "step up" on either Jilian or her partner. But the mom luckily got the moment that everything changed on camera. "This was so unbelievable," she wrote on a video on her TikTok page @jilian_elise. In the footage, Callie greets her mama and then what she did next was such a surprise.

"This was the first time she stepped up on me and I feel honored," Jilian wrote in the video's text overlay. 

She wasn't the only one who was touched by Callie's trust. The video has since been watched almost 180,000 times. "Love, time and love...look at the trust she has for you!" @marecusick wrote. "She's like today's the day lady!" @mmmtaytay added. "Aww love it she is starting to trust you," @shannonvanderlinde3 commented. "Congratulations! That’s huge! It means that she trusts you now. That makes you a very lucky human," @noroots64 chimed in, 

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Later on her page, Jilian shared even more footage of Callie from that special day. "More from yesterday’s EPIC moment," she wrote in the caption.

Now that's a happy bird!

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