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Video of Cockatoo Giving the Dog 'Dating Advice' Is the Content We're Here For

We all know that talking birds are basically Internet gold--that's just a fact. Whether they're singing to themselves or having a chat with their favorite person, there's just something so joyful about these vocal pets. Buster the Cockatoo is no exception, especially when he's giving the family dog some dating advice. 

Yep, you read that correctly, as this sassy bird is dishing out dating advice to his furry friend. Luckily, their parents were nearby to catch it on film, so now all of TikTok gets to enjoy this silly moment. Honestly, we wonder if there's something to his advice!

Even though their little chat is only the first minute or so of this video, it's easy to watch the entire thing before realizing it was one long TikTok. That's how uplifting it is! No matter what Buster is saying he seems to light up a room, but some of his dating advice is especially hilarious.

"How to pull the ladies. Give her free toast and twerk, noted 😂," commented @ryanwg1. LMAO, right? Where he came up with toast and twerking we have no idea, but in his defense, there are much worse ways to open a conversation. We're not saying it'll work, but we're not saying it won't, either. 

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Either way, we're loving Buster's confidence. So is @consciousnesshasrisen, who wrote, "So funny so cute, 'I'll check her out' haha." Wasn't that the best? We nearly died when he said that, but then there's the pup who's not nearly as entertained as we are. 

"The dog is like 'here he goes again' 😂," @checkmeowts said. Honestly, though! That dog is exhibiting the exact kind of patience of a person who was mentally checked out from a conversation five minutes ago. Not that Buster seems to mind one bit! He's happy just to share some tips and be a part of the family.

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